Wholesale Soil Products

Green Envy

Feed your plants organically with this all-natural compost.  Made from 100% natural components, Green Envy is an essential element in adding nutrients to your soil.  It is an excellent growing medium for both indoor and outdoor use.  Available in 40-pound bags.  Only ships from Ohio.

Top Soil

Natural soil product, shredded and screened, primarily used as top dressing. Top Soil is available in a 40-pound bag. Bulk is available in select areas. Only ships from Ohio.

Organic Humus

Organic humus is a mixture of soil and organic materials that works to loosen clay soils. Organic Humus is available in a 40-pound bag. Only ships from Ohio.


Composted material enriches potting mixes and act as a planting aid. Manure is available in a 40-pound bag. Only ships from Ohio.

Potting Soil

Vermiculite, soil and organic materials meticulously blended to provide a growing media for most plant materials. Potting Soil is available in a 40-pound bag.

Com-Til Compost

Com-Til is a dark, rich compost that will break up tough clay soil, add valuable organic matter, provide both macro and micro nutrients, help retain moisture and provide a decorative mulch. Com-Til is available in a 30-pound bag. Bulk is available in select areas. Only ships from Ohio.

Posy Power

A 40-year proven product with a very loyal customer following.  This organic fertilizer helps to break down clay soil while adding organic matter and vital micro-organisms to the soil.  Available in 0.65cf bags.
Only ships from Ohio.

Leaf Compost

Leaf compost is a dark and shredded material made by the microbial decomposition of fallen leaves.  Similar to natural organic matter found in the soil, leaf compost serves as an organic fertilizer and soil conditioner, effectively increasing the organic content of the soil.  Available only in bulk.
Only ships from Ohio.