Wholesale Specialty Products

Cedar Mulch

This mulch is lighter in color. It is frequently recommended as the wood contains a natural oil that tends to deter insects. Available in 2cf bags.

Peat Moss

Recommend by gardening authorities, sphagnum peat moss is ideal for a wide range of plants, both indoors and out.  It is 98% organic matter, providing excellent water retention with sacrificing necessary aeration.  Available in 3.8cf bales.  Only ships from Ohio.

Pine Straw

Pine straw provides a charming, rustic appearance to any mulch bed.  it breaks down very slowly adding nutrients and acid into the soil.  It helps to control erosion and hinders weed growth.  Available in bales.

Play Mat

This certified mulch is designed specifically for playgrounds and walking paths.  It is produced as a chipped material rather than shredded to allow for increased safety benefits.  It is a cleaner material than other mulches.  Available in 2cf bags as well as bulk in select areas.