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Yard Waste

What we accept

Brush, Limbs, Chips, Clean Wood, leaves, yard clippings - Pretty much anything that was 'living' before removing it from your property. Please no Plastic Bags. Paper Yardwaste bags are permitted.


What we DON'T accept

Treated lumber, railroad ties, construction material, building supplies, concrete and trash of any kind.



All locations accept yard waste aside from Riverside.



All Columbus locations except Westerville and Roberts
$24.75 standard drop off fee. 
$38.95 logs / Material that is over 20 inches in Diameter
$27.75 for Sod


Roberts Road 
$19.50 per ton, with a minimum charge of $19.50. 
$38.95 per ton for Logs / Material  over 20 inches in Diameter
$27.75 per ton for Sod


$8.95 for a Pickup Truck Load
$17.95 for a Pickup / Trailer Load
$58.95 for a CDL or Boom Truck Load
$5.00 for Clean Wood Chips
$27.75 for Sod
$81.95 for a CDL or Dump Truck load of Sod


Cincinnati location pricing forthcoming


Hours for collection

Universal Location is open 8am-5pm Mon - Fri, Saturday 8am - Noon. Sunday Closed ❎❎❎

Roberts and Westerville are open 7am-7pm Mon - Sat and Sunday 10am-5pm

All other locations are open 8am-7pm Mon - Sat and Sunday 10am-5pm
Please arrive early enough to give yourself  time to offload your yard waste prior to the closing times listed above. Ohio Mulch South Columbus is closed on Sundays. 


Sod and Soil requirements

  • Must be clean of wood debris
  • Must not contain excessive amount of rock
  • No Concrete or construction material