Ohio Mulch

#6937 - Pennington 1 Step Tall Fescue 8.3lb


Turn bare spots or minor lawn damage in tall fescue lawns into thick, lush grass with Pennington One Step Complete Tall Fescue seeding mixture. Ideal for a wide range of climates, including the transition zone, this ready-to-use product combines mulch, seed and fertilizer all in one. Patch and repair projects are quick and easy, and you get results in two weeks or less.*

  • Repairs bare spots in two weeks or less*
  • Combination premium Smart Seed grass seed and professional-grade fertilizer and mulch
  • Formulated with grasses that thrive in areas receiving less sunlight
  • Grows beautiful, healthy, thick grass
  • Improved disease resistance
  • Contains Pennington’s exclusive Penkoted technology to ensure better plant growth
*Subject to proper growing conditions