#6904 - Pennington Kentucky Bluegrass 3lb


Take your Kentucky bluegrass lawn to new levels of sustainability and thick, lush beauty with Pennington Smart Seed Kentucky Bluegrass blend. Backed by years of breeding and research, this premium blend of our best Kentucky bluegrass varieties was especially formulated to give you the most luxurious, resilient, dark green Kentucky bluegrass lawn possible. You'll enjoy a lawn with improved resistance to drought, disease and insects that stays green up to three weeks without watering.

  • Produces one of the highest-quality, most desirable looking lawns
  • Aggressively self-spreading grass
  • Reproduces by seed and spreads by underground stolon's
  • Naturally more disease- and insect-resistant than other grass varieties
  • Cool-season perennial grass
  • Contains Pennington’s exclusive Penkoted technology